Top 5 TV or Movie Characters Who Can Beat Superman

Henry Cavill as Superman
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Superman, who can beat him?  Forget Batman, he’s no match for Superman and their showdown in Dawn of Justice is blatant misrepresentation.  The Man of Steel sets the absolute gold standard for brute power, strength and moral character.  Of course, he’s not human so us mere mortals cannot come close to touching Superman in hand-to-hand combat.  Though, I’d really like to see a fight between Superman and Floyd Mayweather, my guess is, Floyd will throw Kryptonite-laced 5-dollar bills at him and hide behind his collection of white cars (also laced with Kryptonite).

Here are the Top 5 Movie Characters Who Can Beat Superman

Darth Vader can Beat Superman
Darth Vader by wraithdt DeviantArt

Darth Vader:  The Dark Side is too strong in Vader for the Man of Steel to handle.  Plus, Vader’s telekinetic strength hasn’t been measured yet, so he might actually be stronger than Superman!  Remember the time when Yoda lifted up the Millennium Falcon and threw it?  Well, that’s how powerful the Jedi are.  And Siths are just as strong if not more.  Vader can also manipulate your mind using Sith/Jedi mind tricks, so he can presumably mind-control Superman to death!  Did you see Vader at the end of Rogue One?  (Spoiler Alert): He was able to deflect beams of light from two dozen laser guns with his light saber at once!  Superman’s laser vision will be worthless against Darth Vader.

Yoda Can Beat Superman
Yoda by mrwills, DeviantArt

Speaking of Jedi: Yoda, can also beat Superman!  Yoda has The Force behind him, so everything I said about Vader’s abilities to beat Superman applies to Yoda as well.  There is one distinct advantage to Yoda defeating Superman.  You see, Superman would NEVER hurt a frail, small, old hero like Yoda. And herein lies the opportunity for Yoda to do any sneak attack against Superman.  Plus, his green light saber is enough to show Superman that it *could* be made of Kryptonite, causing him to fly away in a panic. Jedis are known for their intelligence in combat, so it would come as no surprise if Yoda were to pull off a Jedi mind trick to defeat the Man of Steel.

Eleven Can Beat Superman
Eleven by Netflix, Playbuzz

Eleven from Stranger Things:  I know, you think I’m reaching a bit.  But hear this out.  Eleven, the 12 year old girl from Stranger Things Season 1 has two main powers.  One is her telekinesis, she can manipulate physical objects with her thoughts alone.  The other power is her ability to access alternative realities and physically enter another dimensional realm.  She can put Superman in a mental prison first, then physically put him in another realm completely disabling all of his powers and physical abilities.  Scary right?  This ability to bend space and time (sort of) will defeat Superman.

Hiro Nakamura Can Beat Superman
Hiro – Heroes Wiki Image

If time warp and travel is your thing, you’ll love Hiro Nakamura from Heroes Season 1 (was there a Season 2?).  If you’re not familiar with Heroes, it was an NBC Hit show featuring an ensemble of characters with distinct super powers.  Similar to the X-Men from Marvel but with a little more dose of realism.  Season 1 was the show’s peak, it suffered from a writer’s strike, and a whole host of studio problems.  The show didn’t have the right super powers to save it from a ratings plunge.  Oh and they even tried to reboot it with “Heroes: Reborn” – all eight fans tuned in to the premier but Chuck (Zachary Levy), ruined it for good.  Hiro – the squishy, huggable Asian character from that show can beat Superman.  His ability to travel, suspend and manipulate time is no match for the Son of Krypton.

ScarJo Lucy can Beat Superman
Lucy – Image from HBO

Lucy, played by Scarlett Johansson, can absolutely CRUSH Superman.  In case you missed it, Lucy is a 20-something girl who gets caught up in a bad drug deal.  The drugs, it turns out allow you to have access of your brain’s full capacity.  Apparently, we only use around 5% of our brains, and this drug allows you to use 100% of it.  Lucy accidentally got a large dose of the drug in her bloodstream and in the beginning she displayed the ability to change hair color and put men to sleep at will.

Over time, as more of her brain became accessible for her use, she eventually became omnipotent and traveled back in time to do all sorts of immeasurable things.  She was even able to physically see cellphone data in the air and manipulate calls as they were happening in real-time.  Is that a power that can beat Superman? No, he’s not addicted to his phone like the rest of us, but all of her other powers are useful against him (except maybe the hair color changing thing).

There are a few other movie characters to add to this debate, but I’ll leave this open for deep contemplation.  So, if you have a character that belongs to this list, comment below or write us on Facebook and we’ll see if your movie character can beat Superman.


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