This is What You Really Need to Get RICH

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water is wealth
If you have clean water, you’re already rich.

So you want to get rich, right?  I mean, financially well-off, money in abundance, the life beyond the “comfortable” – the kind of life most people dream about living.  Most people want the financial wealth above all, (yes, most people, not everyone but I’ll get to the distinctions in a minute).  In fact, most people would even TRADE their health for a little bit of wealth and they do this voluntarily.  If you are ever on the road at 8 AM on a Tuesday morning, you’ll see the exact kinds of people doing this everyday!

Now, I want you to know that this is okay, this is how people reach their goals.  It starts with that arduous, boring commute you take daily, that’s what pays the bills and keeps food on the table.  That commute is probably the quickest path to reach those annoying co-workers, but stay with me, there’s a point to all of it.

Yes, that’s part of it, it’s all part of the grander scheme of things and if you can put up with the bumper-to-bumper traffic and the minor annoyances from your cube mate, then you CAN be rich in every sense of the word.  I believe that if you are already living in America, you are already rich.  Forget what your bank statements say, if you’re in America, you’re rich.  In fact, if you’re reading this blog, chances are you have a computer or a phone with internet access and that costs money, and you have it, good job!  If you stumbled on this post from Facebook, that says you have a network of friends and maybe some followers, that’s great!

Poor people doesn’t/can’t have such things.  Not because they’re “lazy” or choose to impoverish themselves to collect food stamps.  Believe me, all people in perfect mental capacity have an inherent desire to better themselves if they could.  Sometimes circumstances in life prevent them from being the best version of themselves.  Poor people have concerns that are vastly different from what you and I think about day-to-day.  Being a stay-at-home entrepreneur allowed me some time to volunteer at a cold weather shelter assisting the homeless to transition.  It was a wake up call, to say the least and this gave me a unique perspective between the differences in poor and rich mentality.

And that’s where it really starts, your mentality.  The way you think is unique and no one else has the same exact brain map as you do.  To change the way you think, involves a massive amount of personal work and development.  So, in order for you to go from broke, poor, or impoverished to RICH then you must make changes to the way you think about everything.  This means you need to stop complaining about your LACK of anything, and start being grateful for what you do HAVE.  This brings me to my next point, gratitude.  If you’re spiteful, you will get more of what you don’t want.  But, if you’re grateful, you get more of what you do WANT.  So why not be grateful for the minor victories, the unexpected refund from an overpaid electric bill, or the unexpected savings at the grocery store.  Celebrate the little positives, and more positive things will come to you.  It’s really that simple.

It isn’t easy at first so be careful, your mind is a lot like a snowy top mountain.  Once you start resenting something, that resentment turns to hate, and like an avalanche on that mountain, it is impossible to stop.  Whatever you dwell on, will pile on top of you, so monitor your thoughts and catch yourself before that avalanche starts.

Okay, you’ve waited long enough, here’s the simple ingredient to getting financially rich, TIME.  All you need is time, really!  Think of it like a pot of beef stew.  You will need a pot (your bank account), in it you’ll clean and prepare the vegetables (this is your day job, or your career, and like vegetables it can either be yummy or yucky).  Then you’ll need the good stuff, the beef, this is the fun work that also gets you paid, you could be doing pet sitting for some money, or doing some side freelance work on the weekends, whatever makes you happy that you can also turn into some financial transaction.  The “beef” is the kind of work that gets you up in the morning and you absolutely cannot wait to get started on it, kinda like eating a really nice steak at a fancy restaurant!  Next you’ll need spices and seasonings, too much and it ruins the stew, too little and it leaves much to be desired.  This represents your investments, if you meddle with it too much, you ruin it (more on this topic later), if you don’t watch it enough, you may miss critical things that could save you big money in the long run.  So, once you have everything in the pot, you need to turn on the HEAT.  This is where TIME comes into play.  Time can’t be rushed, it can’t be slowed down and it can’t be stopped.  The only thing to do is sit, wait and occasionally stir this pot of beef stew until it’s perfect and ready to eat.  Checking in on your investment accounts every now and then is okay, checking every minute is not. Obtaining new and exciting side gigs for pay, is okay, stealing and defrauding others to get rich is definitely not.

So you see, if you can be patient and wait for your process to see itself through you will get rich, this I can guarantee.

delicious beef stew

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