Cadillac Rolls Out New Way to “Own” – For $1,500 a Month!

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How would you like to be able to drive a Cadillac of your choice at virtually any time you want and not have to worry about insurance?  That’s the idea behind the new Cadillac “product” that rolled out this week.  Of course, they’re limiting this service to just the New York City area (they’re not taking a large risk with this yet).  Understandably, the month-to-month price tag will make your head spin and it looks like the market for this is limited as well.

This service is a bit mind boggling.  While there are plenty of people who can afford $1500 a month in New York, the question is will they want to?  Most city dwellers prefer to not own a car because they can get to mostly everything within walking distance or they take a cab (taxi).  If they own a car, they then have the inconvenience of having to find a PARKING spot, a challenge on its own in New York city!  So who is this service really for?

My guess: NOBODY!

This idea was thought of as a way for Cadillac to generate some press coverage, they don’t really want people to use the service.  If they did, the price point won’t be ridiculous.  For $1500 a month, you can lease a Cadillac, a Mercedes, and a starter BMW.  Granted, you’ll have to pay more for the added insurance premiums, which would put you over the $1500 a month budget.  But you get the point.

Another clue on why this isn’t a serious Cadillac service offering: The $500 one-time setup fee!  Can you believe it?  A fee on top of the $1,500 a month up front for the ability to drive a new Cadillac.  This is 100 times the cost of the average cab fare!

I am brushing this one off as a Cadillac marketing stunt to get people thinking about their brand.  How else would you explain the absurdity of it?  If you have another opinion, feel free to share below, or write us on Facebook.


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