Best Mirrorless Camera To Buy Now or at Any Time.

Sony A5000 with Canon 50mm FD Lens
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Are you in the market for the best mirrorless camera to buy right now?  It’s a new year and it’s time to upgrade to some new photography equipment, right?

Now, let me explain why the Sony A5000 is the best mirrorless camera to buy.

By the way, you should leave some room in your budget for one-time purchases such as a new mirrorless camera and gear.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, we lay the groundwork for how to budget here.

Have you tried the Sony Alpha A5000 yet?  It is one of the best mirrorless cameras on the market today.  It was released in April 2015 and at the time, its main competition is with the Panasonic Lumix GX7.  Both are excellent, interchangeable lenses camera and I did get a chance to test both of these while in the store.  Ultimately, I decided to purchase the Sony A5000.

I won’t get into the technical details that persuaded my decision, these are facts that you can look up anywhere.  I will offer you the one feature that I can’t live without.  The ability to connect your phone to the camera and pull pictures from it wirelessly.  The Sony A5000 does this effortlessly through their downloadable PlayMemories App (available in the app store for both iPhones and Androids).  With this app, I am able to control the images stored on the camera’s memory card.  I can even download it to my phone and text it or post it on my Facebook feed.

Speaking of Facebook, if you have other camera recommendations, drop us a line and we’ll feature it in our next article.

As for image quality: let me first say that I’m not a professional photographer, people are not yet lining up to buy my photography services.  I will offer you with ACTUAL real-world, unedited photo samples that I’m able to take with this Sony A5000 camera.  But, is the A5000 the proverbial “Cadillac” of all Mirrorless Cameras?  No, but it comes pretty close.  Sony actually updated the A5000 with the A6000 (and other variants of it).  The main difference is the rear view finder and 4K capabilities.  Are the updates worth the price?  That’s up to you.  Personally, I like having a viewfinder.  When the sun is too bright, the little 3-inch rear screen becomes a little difficult to see.  This is a specific problem when you’re on manual focus and need to see the clarity of your subject.  The viewfinder solves this problem.

When taking pictures, I prefer to operate the camera on manual focus because I can control the depth and bokeh of the subject.  In fact, I have about 4 or 5 manual-only focus lenses made by Canon retrofitted to work with this camera.  If you can find an f1.4 Vintage FD Canon lens you can buy an FD to e-Mount adapter and take outstanding pictures.  Those Canon FD lenses made in the 80s have outstanding build quality.

Enjoy the photos and remember, the art of photography depends more on the skill of the photographer rather than some fancy expensive equipment!  So, decide for yourself if the Sony A5000 is the best mirrorless camera on the market.

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